Why has Master Zhen-Ru not come to Taiwan for a long time?


Legislative restrictions: Difficulty in staying for an extended period of time in Taiwan

One of Late Master Jih-Chang's biggest wishes was for Master Zhen-Ru to come to Taiwan and personally lead the education of both the monastic and lay communities. Master Jih-Chang said, "If you can come one second earlier, do not delay for another second." Master Jih-Chang's wish in having Master Zhen-Ru live in Taiwan for a long period of time was previously impossible. This was because in earlier years, being a Chinese national posed difficulties under both Taiwan and China's legislations. Even though legislation has loosened recently, it is however still very difficult for a Chinese national to stay in Taiwan for an extended period of time.

Exerting all efforts: Educating monastics

During the past 13 years, regardless of her location, Master Zhen-Ru took to heart Late Master Jih-Chang's wish for her to pass down the lineaged teachings. Spreading faith in Buddha and the teachings depends on monastics. As such, Master Zhen-Ru exerted and focused all her efforts primarily in educating and cultivating the monastics: building up the monastic admission system, inviting learned Buddhist masters to teach, and implementing the curriculum of the Five Great Treatises. These are all results of Master Zhen-Ru striving day and night. Today, the scale of the monastic community as well as monks and nuns learning the Five Great Treatises has created history within Chinese culture. As such, Master Zhen-Ru has often expressed gratitude and her hope to make amends toward the laity who single-handedly shouldered the development in Taiwan as well as supported the monastics' learning.

Together we welcome our spiritual teacher

The plan of welcoming Master Zhen-Ru's arrival in Taiwan, under the hard work of monastics and laity has encountered many difficulties: deliberate interferences as well as unexpected obstructions. Late Master Jih-Chang has repeatedly instructed his students that any obstacle faced by Master Zhen-Ru that would prevent her from staying in Taiwan is a loss to the Buddhist teachings being spread. Master Jih-Chang taught us that we should accumulate merits and eliminate obstacles in order to change our conditions. He specifically instructed us to recite the Prajnaparamita Sutra often. In overcoming challenges, the monastics and laity must work together, creating conditions that become increasingly favorable over time.





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