Why do monastics have to go to Canada to study?


Initially, during the ten year period following Late Master Jih-Chang's passing, Master Zhen-Ru was unable to stay in Taiwan for extended periods of time. Yet Late Master Jih-Chang had instructed that the monastics had to be under the personal tutelage of Master Zhen-Ru in order to establish the Five Great Treatises curriculum that would successfully integrate the teaching with the heart and mind. Therefore, there was an immediate need to find a location outside of Taiwan that could serve as a base to establish the curriculum of the Five Great Treatises.

After many years, it has become apparent that the monastery in Canada suits our monastic needs in the study and practice of Buddhism. Thus, the monastery in Canada aspires to become a major monastery in promoting Buddhist teachings in the western world, as well as globally. This is a milestone in achieving Late Master Jih-Chang's aspiration to spread Buddhist teachings throughout the entire world.





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