When will we have our own Primary Monastery in Taiwan?


Constructing the Primary Monastery was a shared vision and directive of both Late Master Jih-Chang and Master Zhen-Ru. Throughout the lengthy process of purchasing land and applying for permits, numerous students of The Great Treatise invested much efforts in supporting the Primary Monastery for years. Their efforts are deeply etched in the hearts of the monastics and Master Zhen-Ru. Currently, Bliss and Wisdom has finally received the permit to construct its first monastic dormitory. The groundbreaking ceremony was held on September 12, 2017, and construction will begin in October. We hope to gather everyone's prayers in wishing for the smooth construction of the Primary Monastery!

Among the construction of the various monasteries within the organization, Taiwan's Primary Monastery was the first to begin its planning and preparations. Late Master Jih-Chang passed away before he was able to decide on a location, and entrusted Master Zhen-Ru with this heavy responsibility. In August 2006, Master Zhen-Ru led senior monastics and laity in devout prayer and decided on the current location for the Primary Monastery. In December of that year, she personally named it "Brightness of Candrakirti Monastery" and began sharing the vision for Primary Monastery.

Thereafter, things went into full swing: purchasing land, negotiating prices, discussions, fundraising, and other complicated processes. The most time consuming and difficult of which was acquisition of the land and application for the different types of inspection and approval for development and construction. In order to prevent any issues from cropping up while purchasing land, a low-profile was carefully maintained and there was no publicity. This is Bliss and Wisdom's first time planning for the construction of a monastery that is on a scale that is larger than usual. Therefore, we faced many trials and tribulations, which were overcome by learning through experience. 


Additional information:

Blessings from the many Buddhist masters who graced the site:
March 2007: Thubten Nyima Lungtok Tenzin Norbu Rinpoche (102nd Ganden Tripa)—Blessings of the Fire Offering
March 2008: Jetsun Lobsang Tenzin Rinpoche (103rd Ganden Tripa)—Blessings of Sutra Recitations 
April 2010: Jetsun Lobsang Tenzin Rinpoche (103rd Ganden Tripa)—Consecration of Yamantaka Statue
December 2010: Geshe Zunzhu—Blessings of Ceremonious Prayers and Saving of Animals
February 2011: 102nd Ganden Tripa—Consecration of Yamantaka Statue
November 2012: Harwa Jamyang Lodro Rinpoche—Blessings of Ceremonious Prayers
May 2013: 102nd Ganden Tripa—Prayers for Foundation of Ground
December 2015: Master Zhen-Ru gave blessings through sutra recitations, planted the bodhi tree, and chose the design for the first stage of construction from the architect's proposals
June 2017: Elder Master Dhammaratna of Sri Lanka visits the monastic site and gives blessings through land purification
August 2017: Elder Master Dhammaratna of Sri Lanka along with ten venerable masters visit the monastic site and give blessings through land purification





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