What is the status of the Bliss & Wisdom Primary Monastery construction; how much has been spent?


Fundraising for Primary Monastery by Bliss and Wisdom Buddhist Foundation toward its supporters began in October 2006. In 2012, after the establishment of Brightness of Candrakirti Monastery, the funds raised for Primary Monastery were transferred to Brightness of Candrakiriti Monastery. In addition, Brightness of Candrakiriti Monastery took over the fundraising efforts. Up until June 30, 2017, donations totalled roughly NT1.88 billion, of which roughly NT1.47 billion has been spent. Areas of expenditures were mainly land purchase, land preparation, planning and design, administration, maintenance etc. Land purchase, making up 83% of expenses, was the biggest expenditure item. The first phase of the construction will commence in October 2017.





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